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Quality Control

Production Line

Health222chem INC has established our own excellent QA and QC team since 2011, they check control and guarantee the quality of all our materials, which are produced under GMP conditions.We guarantee each item is produced under strict checking. And in 2012,we bulid a professional and outstanding R&D team with 8 members, all are high educated in chemical material.




OEM Service is avaiavle. we had offered service to many aboard online store according to their requirements. Such as the package details, shipment service, Marked their logo and brand name.


We have the area for Q.C of about 1000sqm, equipped with the newest instruments:


3 sets of HPLC 

2 sets of GC with head space

2 sets of Chambers for Stability test·

Medicine dissolution test meter

UV spectrophotometer




R&D Team


R&D located in shanghai with an area of 500m2, and is equipped with advanced experimental and analyzing instruments. It has 6 synthesis laboratory and 1 fermentation laboratory. About 8 professional researchers in our team , 3 of them with doctor degree , 80% of them hold a bachelor's degree. 30% of them are senior researchers. They are quite  experienced. We always regard technological innovation as a core motivation for development. About 200 technologies have been innovated or improved.

Q.C. department mission :


Testing and approval of raw material

Testing and approval of all the intermediates and final API for export

Monitoring of manufacturing process

Implementation of GMP

Documentation of technical